Is annoying me…

Female idols are all getting prettier and prettier and they’ve became a wall.
We have pretty kid next to a pretty kid next to a pretty kid…
It looks like seeing romance fantasy covers one after the other, but even debuting kids like that, people still swear at them for being ugly and they get judged for their visuals
Meanwhile you have male idols debut who are more ugly than the other and they’ve became a wall in terms of ugliness…Why? Why…? Seriously why are we seeing the same kids wearing Moose Knuckle in our school shooting Tik Toks just wearing some make up and get praised for looking handsome…? Why?
Seriously… Female idols who get to debut are all pretty but male idols who are debuting all look ugly..
It’s too annoying… Do they think women are this easy f*ck?
No but kids, stop trying to act like men who are ugly are handsome
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Ah but honestly I can agree with this. Jang Wonyoung and Sullyoon came out with those crazy doll-like features, no matter how much you claim they’re ugly, they’re certainly above average. However, you have male idols who only have a good physique if you saw them in real life and have an average face which would be considered ugly by many. Honestly we barely have any male idols who are popular for their visuals like V or Cha Eunwoo
2. [+117, -7]
F*cking agree with this. Female idols are more and more getting underestimated while male idols are getting more and more overhyped..
3. [+93, -2]
Please stop making excuse that they’re “stan attractor” type
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F*ck just look at the 3rd generation’s idols… Suho, Cha Eunwoo, V, Hwang Minhyun, they’re all f*cking commendable visuals, but what’s up with the visuals latelyㅠㅠ
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The more we go, the more male idols are getting overhyped. In the past, we would maybe have one or two ugly male idols among a sea of handsome male idols but nowadays, we have one or two handsome idols in a sea of ugly idols. We’re not even asking them to look f*cking handsome, just that they look like celebrities. Just not anyone you can pick in the streets. Furthermore, even ugly idols in the past had crazy skills and were super talented, but right now, everyone is equally ugly yet none of their skills are stand outs..

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