OP has been finding her super pretty nowadays among all the female idols
She must be really pretty in real life
First of all, her facial features are so 3D and distinct
Seeing the gif that people say is the closest to Liz in real life, her features really seem to be standing strong on their own

She’s also tall and has long limbs
I don’t think that she lost her baby fat yet but she’s still so pretty ㅠㅠ
She would be pretty if she dyed her hair in black later on too
“Kim Liz’s face is crazy..”

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1. She looks so mysterious ㅠㅠㅠㅠ but when she smiles, she looks so lovely
2. I don’t think that blonde suits her. It makes her face look so puffy.. Please give her black hair next
3. There are so many kids in IVE whose visuals are my style
4. Wow what’s up with the black hair??!?!?!?!?!? She looks so pretty in that first black hair picture….. the reactions would be no joke if she dyes her hair black for the next comeback
5. Her dimples are so pretty..
6. Liz is pretty and her personality is cute too ㅠ her voice color is also clear so it sticks to your ear right away. I hope that she dyes her hair black next
7. Her dimples are seriously crazyㅜ
8. Her eyes are seriously pretty. They kinda give off the mixed race vibes
9. I also find her super pretty. Her dimples are crazily charming
10. I feel like she would be prettier without the bangs
11. I think that in general, if you look at all of the IVE’s members standing together, her face is the best
12. I find her dimples charming. It kinda gives off those classical Western paintings vibes
13. Her eyes are dimples are so pretty
14. I think that I’ll faint if she dyes her hair black

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