🖤TXT is coming back with a mini album on May 9th ❤️

Their quality is always good and their flexible design is the real deal
This is TXT logos‘ motion design ✨


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1. I was waiting for thisㅎㅎ I’m trusting them in their sound this time too !

2. This time, it somehow gives the fatal, painful, horror vide. That’s what I feel about the logo

3. The design is so pretty this time too, I’m looking forward

4. Finally songs I can listen to

5. I’ve always felt this way towards TXT’s logos but it looks unique and it can morph into various shapes. Their logo is no joke this time

6. Their last song was super good too, I’m looking forward!

7. I’m another group’s fan and TXT is the only group whose songs I listen to, I’m looking forward

8. I never stream anything, but I’m looking forward to TXT’s songs. Last year, LOSER and 0X1=LOVESONG were seriously masterpiece. They were so good

9. Their songs are aloways good

10. Ah f*ck please do it quickly… But I’ll still wait, jjang-TXT!!