Throwing things to the artist during a concert

They even throw their underwear
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1. IU seriously got hit hardㅠㅠ
2. No but throwing clothes don’t hurt them so it’s still fine but the kids who are throwing hard stuff, do they have no thoughts…
3. But wasn’t IU’s gif from a domestic concert??
4. This doesn’t only apply to idols concerts, it’s even more severe in rock concerts
5. One Director also got hit by a phone in their concert..ㅠ
6. Hul they literally get hit? Aren’t they crazy?
7. I rather get hit by underwear. The water bottle is just crazy
8. Underwear and plushies are fine but was IU really okay? Wow this was too shocking, she couldn’t even swear because she was in front of everyone
9. Why would you throw stuff…..????????????
10. F*ck there are so many gifs of my idols receiving bras in their concert, can they cut it down already?

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