I’m not talking about Kakao or CJ subsidiary

I’m not talking about the Big3 subsidiary either
Also, they can’t have agency sunbaes who are super popular
And they can’t have popular producers either
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1. BlockB?
2. Infinite
3. B2ST were always called the small agency’s miracle, I think of B2ST whenever I see this
4. B2ST for real
5. B2ST, Infinite, BTS, IU, EXID and Girls Day, etc.. there are actually a lot of them..?! IU also blew up before they got acquired by Kakao no?
 > Yes, Loen had a lot of money, but Loen entertainment was an empty shop. IU was their first singer ever
6. I didn’t even know who Bang Sihyuk was before BTS hit big
> But Bang Sihyuk was still very famous in the music industry
>> Yup, he worked with GOD and JYP
7. B1A4 set up a 7 floors agency for the company
8. B1A4 – CEO who was a nobody and who used to be a manager, Girls Day – CEO who was a nobody and who used to be a director from a singing academy
9. I thought about BTS but Hitman was already famous..
10. Seriously if we talk about idols from small companies who succeeded, it has to be Infinite

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