He’s the first BTS member to hit 40M on IG

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1. Oh already?????
2. Me too I’m following Vㅋㅋㅋ His face is f*cking handsome and fun to watch
3. Congrats congrats
4. Isn’t this a new record?
5. He’s King-Taehyung anyways… A lot of my muggle friends are following him
6. Hul he’s already at 40M? Congrats congrats
7. Who are the celebrities with more followers than V now? Jennie?
8. Wow him creating a craze for opening his IG feels like yesterday and he’s already thereㄷㄷ Daeback congrats congrats
9. He made this on vacation and he hasn’t even came back yet, this is daebak. Congrats
10. Did he just break a new record for the fastest to break this number?

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