New Ark – 19,500 seats
Chicaco – 23,500 seats
Atlanta – 21,000 seats
Forth Worth – 14,000 seats
Los Angeles – 17,500 seats
Oakland – 20,000 seats
Seattle – 17,200 seats
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But these numbers reflect the maximum capacity of people who can enter those stadium without special stage arrangement. If you look at Prudential Center, when you have a concert, the seats decrease to 10K-~14K. There are actually quite a lot of KPOP groups performing there and the number of seats available were all way less than that. The actual size of audience will be way less than this, this is just the size of reception.
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They’re growing well
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Stray Kids are slowly growing, I’m so proud ㅠ I know that this applies to other teams too, but they rested too much during COVID… I’m excited to see them back in action~
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I’m so proud to be a Stay!!!
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hope all the kids who call Stray Kids a flop can see this

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