The trolls who are trying to come between them should screw off
Look at BP performing at Coachella 3 years ago
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Coachella Rose was legendary. Chaengrella Chaenglaurent Chaengfanico is the best
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I joined BlackPink’s fandom after seeing Lisa there.. I felt like BP was so pretty and cool and they were legendary idols… They were shining and they had such charisma, more than that the live quality was so good.. They’re just eye and ear candy..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ This is so nostalgic. I used to be in my 3rd year high school when this happenedㅠㅠ

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This picture is so touching… At that time, Burning Sun was happening and this felt like the start of their escape and ended with their US advancement and international tour
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They’re the one top, there will be no group as perfect as BP in the future

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