He’s 46 y.o… even in sloppy screencaps, he looks like this

Even his shadow is handsome
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1. [+173, -75]
What can being handsome do? He’s an actor so he should act. He’s been an adman for 12 years and if he really wants to manage his image, would he be living as a model while leaving his work aside? I hate him now. I’m tired of his face too…
2. [+148, -15]
He’s not a model but an ad model
3. [+107, -13]
Wonbin’s job now is just to be a model. I get that he’s handsome but he’s becoming unlikable because he doesn’t promote at all. It seems that he has given up being an actor by making billions every year by only doing commercials while tearing apart the image he has built as an actor. Even Lee Nayoung, even though he has a few more projects than Wonbin, they are just the same. So to be honest, the actors who are working like cows and showing their aging appearances on screen are way cooler. Kang Dongwon, Lee Jungjae, Jung Woosung, Son Yejin, etc…
4. [+70, -10]
F*cking handsome
5. [+37, -1]
At this point, even the ahjussi should be out for parole. Let’s film Ahjussi2 (T/N: referring to Wonbin’s movie ‘Ahjussi/Man from Nowhere’)
6. [+33, -22]
Seeing how he doesn’t feel bad about not filming anything shows how arrogant he is and I hate him! I bet that if he continues to shoot CFs and that his looks start declining, he’ll start crawling back..

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