This is a sublime feeling so I can’t change it..

I have a s*x drive that’s driving me crazy.
The doctor said that I shouldn’t worry about this (t/n: feeling like his wife is like a mother), and that it’s rather a good thing, but I seriously don’t have any [romantic] feelings for her left…
Do you think it can become better after she gives birth??
Ah but even my wife hates being pregnant. And I hate this too so how are we supposed to resolve this?
I’ve asked people around and it felt flat.
Are there any married men and women here?
We’re a 32 y’o and 29 y’o married couple. Are there other couples like us?
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1. This is why I’m never getting a kid
2. Wow I don’t know if it’s normal or not to feel this way but if I was in the wife’s position, I’d feel terrible
> OP: Why would she feel terrible? It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong (t/n: aka cheating)
>> You guys got married because you love each other, of course there might be s*xual attraction, but you’re saying you’re not feeling anything towards her anymore? Of course she’d feel terrible
>>> OP: But I can’t really express this into words. I do worry for the kid. I just feel like a sublime feeling about her stomach being out
>>>> ㅋ? No but women have this because their hormones change, what do men have a say in this? And you’re saying that you have a crazy s*x drive, what’s up with that? You’re not feeling anything anymore so you’re saying you’re having a s*x drive because you’re watching other people?
3. I seriously hate this kind of person
4. In the wife’s position, I’d be so sad
5. Just tell her honestly how you’re feeling. My friend was in the opposite end and they talked honestly and were able to resolve the situation
6. There are really all kinds of strange people out there. Yah screw off from this community. Your wife is currently struggling with her pregnancy, meanwhile the husband is there talking about his childish s*x driveㅋㅋ
7. I think you need to go on therapy
8. There are seriously lots of people who end up in situations like these, even if I get married, there’s no way I get pregnantㅎㅎ
9. What to doㅠㅠ The wife must be having a hard time too, haven’t you even thought about overcoming this together?…..
10. Wow I hate this… I don’t think OP will be able to recover his feelings but you should at least be honest with her. Stop blaming this on her hormones. Even women hate to have their stomach out and gain weight

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