I actually thought about this

Idols started their jobs because they themselves enjoy singing and dancing
They’re the ones who had to go through the hardships to debut
Once you debut, isn’t it normal that you will naturally gain people who like you..?
just got a random thought like that, that there’s no actually reason for them to be super thankful to the fans
the only reason is that they’re able to consistently do what they like doing
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1. It’s exactly because the fans are the reason they can continue to consistently do what they like doing
2. ? It’s the same thing for craftsman and companies who produce goods, they should be thankful to their consumers
3. They should be thankful that the fans are giving them interest and love. And the fans should be grateful for their idols for performing a cool stage
4. The fans are the ones who create the opportunity for them to stand on stage once they debut
5. This is the same thing that applies to every businesses, they should be grateful for their consumers
6. Are you a muggle? Of course you should be grateful for fans to spend money on you
7. It’s thanks to who that they’re making money? Of course they should be thankful
8. They can sing and dance all they want. But to be able to stand in front of a lot of people and perform, only idols are able to do that. It’s obvious they should be grateful to the fans
9. We’re not just talking about simple transactions, the fans are pouring their affection in this. Who wouldn’t feel grateful to receive someone’s affection..
10. Because they can make moneyㅋㅋㅋ

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