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Episode 01 7.324 / 8.107
Episode 02 8.736 / 10.189
Episode 03 7.897 / 9.022
Episode 04 9.182 / 10.064
Episode 05 7.126 / 7.233
Episode 06 7.722 / 7.870
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1. I felt like it would score this much even before it airedㅋㅋㅋ You can definitely tell that Roh Heekyung writer is a hit or mimssㅋㅋ
2. This drama feels too old
3. There still hasn’t been one episode that is inciting me to watch it until the end. The lukewarm reactions from people around me also makes me perplexed
4. This drama basically teaches you that if you have a kid at an young age, you’re gonna ruin your life??
5. I need to watch this later
6. Han Jimin and Kim Woobin are fun together but they barely get any screen time…
7. I watched it for a bit and it wasn’t especially fun, the plot was distracting and the characters are all so-so so I can’t focus well. I’m wondering if I should continue to watch it
8. It’s supposed to show us how different people are living but people are saying how this isn’t a variety show and that they don’t want to watch a high schooler getting pregnant and that it makes them uncomfortable. But that’s reality though? If you don’t want to see that, go watch some chaebol love stories instead
9. I also am watching it but the more I watch it, the more I lose interest in it…
10. But aren’t these ratings considered good? That writer isn’t someone who’s known for good ratings anyways
11. I find this drama fun but it’s true that I’m losing interest
12. The plot is too dark and at some point, it just gets too frustrating. Usually, I don’t really like dark plots plots soㅠㅠ
13. I find it fun
14. I was enjoying it but I didn’t want to see them talk about high school pregnancy so I turned it off halfway
15. I found the high schooler episode fine. It felt like a youth dramaㅋㅋㅋ Although they are gonna develop this plot more in the future…
16. It’s fun. I bet that next week will be even more fun

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