bet the Proana kids will love to see this

All the QRTs are talking about feeling bad for her

This might look edited, but it’s even more severe in videos.
Even when she’s standing still, you can’t see anything but bones

Seriously isn’t being an idol such an odd job? I can’t believe people get inspired when they see stuff like that… Is Yuna really healthy..?
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1. [+76, -4]
Is there a need for the company to make them look this skinny? When you look at the video, they look even skinnier. Please make them eat and make them diet in a healthy way. They even have a manager, what are they doing?

2. [+56, -5]


3. [+51, -5]

Isn’t that screencap purposefully making her ribs stand out?

4. [+39, -3]

Yuna seriously eats even better than me, there’s no need in worrying about her

“I’m eating, unnie too!”

5. [+35, -35]
She’s healthily skinny, she only looks like only ribs because of the lighting
6. [+34, -5]
This is what she ate right before that fanmeeting… That’s just how her body looks like, why do we need to pity her?

– ㅎㅎㅎ *pic*  I’ll gain strength eating this! Unnie I love you

7. [+33, -4]
You guys are bullsh*tting about looking too skinny and bullsh*tting about looking too fat, just how are they supposed to live according to your standards?
8. [+31, -11]
I’m sorry for using this kind of expression, but she looks gross;
9. [+24, -8]
I don’t care if her body naturally shows a lot of ribs, this is indeed severeㅠ
10. [+23, -7]
Honestly it’s so gross…

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