[enter-talk] IS V’S OST A PUBLIC’S PICK?

I thought that he got the fans’ push at first but seeing how Jimin, Jin and Jungkook’s OST didn’t chart as long as I thought makes me think that V’s OST is the public’s pick
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1. [+113, -19]
Seems like it. The drama hit big and the song is good too
2. [+102, -30]
I like V’s voice so much. He doesn’t sound like an idol and his voice sounds manly? His voice is mysteriously handsome just like his face
3. [+94, -18]
Wasn’t he ranked high in the weekly chart too? Seeing how he’s peaking periodically means that he’s definitely a muggles’ pick
4. [+31, -4]
But rather than saying that the OST relies on how good the drama is, if your song is good even though your drama isn’t doing so well, it will still rank highㅋㅋ What I’m saying is because V’s song is good, the ranking is good too
5. [+24, -4]
I’m writing this hoping that the original post didn’t want to start a controversy but personally, all of V’s OST are good. Everyone around me were shocked that it was V’s voice. A few of them even listen to his songs on repeat
6. [+20, -3]
I’m no a fan of Bangtan but I like Our Beloved Summer so I still listen to 10CM and V’s songs

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