Rapper Osshun Gum (real name Choi Ha Min), known for his appearance on Mnet’s ‘High School Rapper’ and previously signing with Swings’ former music label Just Music, has been convicted on charges for child molestation.

On April 27 KST, rapper Osshun Gum stood on trial for his charges on molestation of a male child. On this day, Osshun Gum’s lawyer stated that the defendant had touched the behind of the child in order to playfully “pick and eat the poo” of the child. Further, the lawyer claimed that Osshun Gum is currently in a mentally and physically weak state. The lawyer then revealed that Osshun Gum received his psychiatric diagnosis in June 2021 and was hospitalized in a mental institute for around 70 days, proving that Osshun Gum is in a mentally unstable state.

Osshun Gum then explained that he is unable to recover his music career and thus, decided to return to his hometown in Jeonju. However, due to his mental instability, he showed eccentric behaviors such as lying down on the streets with his clothes off and more. He also stated that he had randomly taken a taxi to the Haeundae district, a place he has no connection to, and committed the crime.

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1. [+340, -3]
This guy was never able to become a huge issue with the general public, he did a bunch of weird stuff in the past so much so that most rappers have cut ties with him. His company also kicked him out. He lost all his money so he became a debtor. There was also a huge rumors about him becoming addicted to gambling. But after some clarifications, turns out it wasn’t gambling he was addicted to, rather he was actually just really mentally ill, it was so bad that he even ended up in a mental institution and stayed there for a long time. Recently, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia
2. [+274, -2]
“Pick and eat the poo”… what does he mean… Ah my eyes
3. [+266, -3]
When he first appeared on Highschool Rapper, he was such a good student and he was even a model student and I even remember him mentioning that his parents hated the fact he was rapping? ㅠㅠ He could’ve lived such a good life if he just pursued hip hop after..
4. [+163, -0]
A model student turned lowest of the society, hip hop edition… You really can’t tell where life will bring you
5. [+138, -0]
He’s even almost 190cm tall and he had quite a huge following too, he mentioned that he was a really scared kin in his choding days and that childhood for him just “flew by”… I feel like he just didn’t know anything he was doing and was just doing anything for the sake of doing something

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