PSY’s individual style has always been super strong and BTS doesn’t really have individual promotions, so I was worried over whether he was going to get buried by PSY since he’s alone, but looks like I worried for nothing. He doesn’t lose to PSY even next to him. The way he was dancing was funny and cool. And as an idol, he has only danced in an idol-like way so it might be hard to dance in a funny way but he didn’t cut back and worked so hard. Seeing how well he danced made me realize that he’s quite unexpected. I thought that only Jimin and J-hope were good dancers

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1. [+277, -4]
It’s freaking hilarious how the moment you think Suga won’t be able to do something, he’ll work the hardest doing it and he will actually enjoy it
2. [+230, -3]
He was freaking cute, he seems like the type that doesn’t like to do anything but he does everything
3. [+191, -5]
This is why he’s Min-bba-dab ugh (T/n: fans’ nickname for him which means if you fall for Min Yoongi there’s no hope anything)
4. [+60, -0]
Suga’s words officially: I only need to write songs for you to fall for me
5. [+60, -1]
He has to carry the Billboard #1, Grammy, Stadium tour on his shoulders.. On top of it, Suga said he only produces songs that are like him. Seeing him working harder than anyone dancing is seriously annoyingly cool and admirable
6. [+54, -0]
He’s f*cking ridiculousㅋㅋㅋ

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