“Flume Ride: Onsite waiting – 200 minutes
French Revolution: Onsite waiting – 210 minutes
Spain Pirate Ship: Onsite waiting – 280 minutes”
The waiting line for the Viking reached 280 minutes
“Please save me
The ticketing at the gate is temporarily closed
For the attractions, we have to wait until the queue runs out
There’s no place for the people so they are eating on the stairs
A lot of people gathered there because it’s the end of the exams + next week is Children’s Day + they got rid of the Covid prevention rules
+ one of the comments
“I’m a worker and today, we reached 25K attendees…… It’s been a while since we went got to the pre-Corona numbers… I work at another branch so I was lucky… but even so… sniff sniff..”
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1. It will be hell on Children’s Day
2. Sigh… what a monumental fail
3. I bet they caught Corona
4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ everyone is going out just fine
5. That’s why it makes me wonder if it was a good thing to get rid of outdoor masks…..
6. Shouldn’t they limit the number of entries at this point? ;;
7. We need to slowly go back to our normal lives. Until when do we have to live like this…
8. But is there nobody there that limits the number of attendees?
9. To the people who are saying that the people there are gonna catch Corona, are you guys not taking line 2 and line 9 (T/N: busiest metro lines in Korea)….? Must be nice
10. If you go there, I bet you can only get 1 rideㄷㄷ
11. I feel like I’ll catch Corona just by looking at these pictures
12. Shocking

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