I took a leave of absence from school and have just been rolling around at home.

I’m curious to know what the rest of you are doing?
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1. I’m a 99’er whenever I leave school, I’ll go do my part-time job and making money
2. I’m a 98’er college graduate who haven’t really been doing anything, I didn’t study much so my sense of guilt is huge…ㅎ
3. I’m a 97’er and I’m working as a nurse.. I’ve been craving for money
4. I’m a 97’er and this year in March I’ve been working a new job… But I already want to quit
5. I’m a 97’er and attending my last year of university
6. I’m a 98’er and I’m graduating this year, so I’m studying for my certificate..
7. I’m a 98’er doing part-time job and looking for a job… I’ve been working night shifts
8. I’m a 99’er, I’ve taken a semester off + interning
9. 97’er nurse in my 3rd year
10. I’m a 98’er in my 4th year since I couldn’t graduate …

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