“Even though the national prestige is uplifted, suspending their promotions… cultural loss of the entire human race”
A call for the establishment of a system for incorporation of pop culture artists into art personnel.
Below is a statement from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hwang Hee
Hi, This is Hwang Hee, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. In recent years, the status of Korea has risen remarkably due to the Hallyu wave. It’s something everyone has felt. Starting with K-pop, K-drama, and movies, as well as contents such as games, webtoons, animations, and media art, as well as  literary works, hanbok, K-beauty, and K-Food, the overall lifestyle of Koreans has gained the sympathy and love around the world.
In some French university, Korean language school has went from recruiting 45 people to 1500 people. The combination of Korean traditional culture and modern culture and the convergence of our digital capabilities are being praised as being the best in the world.
All the leaders, including ministers of foreign countries, whom I met while serving as minister, talked about the greatness of the Korean Wave, and 6-7 out of 10 people around the world said they would visit Korea after COVID.
The Hallyu marketing of our products is already showing great results. Hallyu is spreading wider and deeper towards the world.
Now, it has become a public fact that no one in the world can deny that Korea is a cultural content powerhouse.
Korea has become the only country in world history to have the most widespread influence throughout the world through the soft power of culture without using physical hard power.
BTS is at the starting point, there is Squid Game, and there is Parasite. We are already giving special benefits to military service professionals such as cultural artists, athletes, and degree holders. The total military service exception is about 134,000 (133,869) over the past 10 years as of 2019, of which 484 were art and sports personnel. It is giving talented people who have elevated national prestige with excellent skills the opportunity to make a greater contribution to the country by utilizing their special skills without interruption of activities.
It is because I am convinced that their ceaseless activities are of greater benefit to the national interest.
Today’s pop culture artists have no choice but to halt their activities due to the fulfillment of their military service obligations despite their very clear achievements in promoting national prestige. This would lead to clear national losses. It may be unfair to say that pop culture artists are not given such an opportunity in an environment that is significantly different from the past. In particular, Kpop has made a mark in the history of popular music by continuing its worldwide box office success. Among them, BTS, as everyone in the public can see, produces an effect of inducing production worth 1.2 trillion won per concert, and is one of the most popular music act abroad. They are demonstrating the cultural ripple power that resonates around the world by winning awards.
The reason why I am here today is because I thought that someone should speak responsibly in a situation in which the pros and cons of some BTS members are facing conflicting opinions ahead of their military enlistment. After taking office as Minister, I traveled to major countries on business trips, and I was convinced that more active support was needed to enhance the power of our culture.
First, due to the Korean Wave, not only Hallyu content itself, but also Hallyu marketing has a tremendous effect on the economy, improving the national image, and enhancing the national brand.
In order to further strengthen the sustainability of the Korean Wave, it is necessary to more effectively manage the content at the center of it.
Second, the enlistment of famous Hallyu stars has the potential to further spread the image that Korea is still a dangerous country of conflict. It is a huge loss to the national image.
Third, it will be possible to provide an opportunity to drive the social contribution of those who are exempt from military service. The issue of who goes to the military or not is an agenda of fairness that is bound to be sensitive to the young generation in their 20s who are just entering society in light of our social environment, which is a country with a nationwide conscription system. Military enlistment is a basic duty of citizens. However, if we can create a greater national interest through greater obligations than [being exempt], I think that this is something our society can think about.
I appeal to young people in their 20s. In these days, sensitive to fairness issues, it took me a lot of thought and courage to retire as minister and return to politics in only a few days. However, as I have served as a minister for the past one year and three months, I believe that now is a valuable opportunity for Korea, a cultural powerhouse, to take a bigger leap forward. In such a time, we believe that we need an opportunity to secure the sustainability of a greater cultural powerhouse.
As I am about to retire, I decided that it would be cowardly for me to hand over this matter to the next government without talking about it now. Even though I knew it would be of great help to the national interest, I did not want to avoid it because I was afraid of opposing opinions. I sincerely and desperately appeal to all Koreans who have faithfully completed their military service, are currently performing, or are expected to perform in the future.
Please be more considerate of the time it takes to establish ourselves as a complete cultural powerhouse.
Korea, a cultural powerhouse, is the world you will live in. As the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, I dare to say that I am confident that your understanding and understanding that you have chosen for the national interest will eventually return to you in the course of your social life.
I also ask the parliament. Currently, a bill to amend the Military Service Act regarding the establishment of a system for transferring artists from popular culture to art personnel is pending in the National Assembly. We ask that the National Assembly pass the amendment through an agreement as soon as possible. As soon as the amendment bill is passed, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will closely consult with relevant ministries such as the Ministry of National Defense and the Military Manpower Administration to establish reasonable and fair transfer standards. .
We also propose to pop culture artists, especially the seven members of BTS and their agency. Please actively participate in social contribution so that the people and young people in their 20s can understand. We are well aware that your efforts and achievements are contributing to the national interest. In addition, we already know the sincerity of the will of BTS members to faithfully carry out their national defense duties. However, it is also true that the economic benefit will be greater for you as well as your efforts and achievements. Pop culture artists grow with the love of the people. I would like to emphasize that your sincerity will be returned with greater love from the people only when the benefits you receive through special military service are returned to society at a level that the people can understand.
Going forward, we will continue to actively support our culture so that it can expand to the world, and we will do our best to ensure that the arts and sports personnel system is operated in a fairer and more reliable way from the perspective of the people.
In addition, we will spare no effort so that our future generations can achieve greater visions and achievements and grow on the strong support of Korea, a cultural powerhouse.
– Hwang Hee, current minister of culture, arts & tourism will be retiring in a few days, that’s why he’s making a statement today about supporting BTS’ military exemption.
– He then asked parliament to approve a relevant bill as early as possible.
 – The bill that would grant male pop artists other alternative options through “greater contribution to society” that should override military enlistment
– He asks the men in their 20s to understand his decision and that allowing pop artists to be exempt will surely ‘pay back’
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1. So BTS is the one asking for exemption right?
2. Why should we understand ???? They have a member who went to the club during COVID, who got into a car accident and even sent to the prosecution. Meanwhile, even if you give them special duties, it’ll still be way different than the army. So BTS gets the privilege even though they’ve been sent to the prosecution before??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Let’s return the cultural medal and go to the military
3. The youth in their 20s are f*cking pitiful, why should we understand?
4. Please hurry and go. This is becoming more and more messy
5. ㅎThis is so annoying, they’re already receiving special treatment, that’s why they need to go ASAP. The country is their own anti
6. And why should I give my understanding?
7. I can’t understand
8. So BTS is the one asking for exemption right?
9. I can understand that they have changed the music scene pretty much as much as The Beatles…. But I don’t think that being tremendously popular should excuse you from serving the army
10. Whose time is not precious? Is BTS’ time the only precious one? What is BTS going to do during the two years without military service, isn’t it just to make money for themselves? Why would they need my personal consent to allow them to continue making profit?
11. Why are they asking me to understand?
12. Why are they being manipulative all the time with their wording??? In what way them being gone would mean the loss of human race???
13. Stop bullsh*tting
14. At this rate, this makes me wonder what BTS’ official position is. They’re looking silly trying to hide behind the company, I hope they can release their own position soon
15. Because they ruined their mouths saying they wanted to go to the army, now they’re trying to manipulatively ask us to grant them an exemption? They’re such losers. So they made enough money to buy themselves an exemption right?
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1. [+4,837, -452]
Ah so as long as we can earn a ton of money, we can get an exemption~~ This is our national prestige~ Then Samsung, Hyundai are also increasing our national prestige, so please exempt all of them~. The duty of the state is an exception to someone else. Okay.
2. [+2,598, -273]
What will you do if the youth in their 20s understand? People in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who have already completed military service so this is none of their business? So BTS can just do some petty work and get an exemption? Are they crazy?
3. [+2,193, -204]
BTS is being even more problematic by shutting their mouths now. Weren’t they the ones who said they’d go themselves?
4. [+1,573, -84]
Being a celebrity means to have your own private company…. Just because they earn good money means they can brag about increasing the national prestige?…. Damn… Are they not ashamed in the face of history and our future generations? Tsk tsk…
5. [+1,200, -30]
This is the proof that Korean government isn’t qualified to run a democracy when you have people interpreting the law subjectively like this. How can they just pick who will and who won’t go to the army f*ck?


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1. This is my opinion

If BTS is exempted from military service like this, I think it’ll follow them like a pandora box for the rest of their lives
The moment their grades aren’t as good as before, or something like the health insurance incident happens
It will be the perfect reason to start mocking them…
Other than that, that politician who flirts with vague and abstract words is also funny.
There must be a lot of illegal things going on.
I think it’ll be wise for them to choose the path they have less to lose
2. Suga was the one who ruined his mouth saying he’ll serve the army but him and that Banpo guy bought their apartment worth 4 billion in cash but you’re telling met hat Jimin doesn’t have the money to pay his health insurance? So they’re in speculation for evading taxes but can be exempt from the army?
3. Can they just quietly serve
4. I understand the opposing position totally, I don’t really care whether they go or not, but it’s the first time they’re setting standards for promoting national prestige in the field of culture and art, so it’s not easy. Being the first to set anything will come with hardship. I don’t know how this will turn out but if they need to go, they should go and if they’re exempt, they should know what will come to them
5. Why would humanity be in trouble if they just serve for 1 year and 6 months?? From commoners to top stars, they all served the army until now, so why are they making such a fuss? Is someone going to die if they go?? A minister shouldn’t say stuff like this.
6. It’s true that 7 people not going to the military shouldn’t cause a big problem.. How big are the tangible and intangible benefits that 7 people can get from not going to the military?
7. Of course they’ll hate to go to the army if they don’t even want to pay taxes
8. This minister sure is weird, why is he running his mouth like that? Wat’s the reason ?
9. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wow the kids telling us to shut up sure are amazing. They don’t want us to leave comments like that in this article, but they’re back themselves to check and fight every 2 minutesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Daebak goosebumps
10. But BTS said they’ll go themselves, why are politicians trying to meddle with it?

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