I learned about her today and she’s an 07-liner and she’s 172 cm tall. She’s a freaking god-baby
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It’s seriously such a loss for her. She’s f*cking good at singing so just why would she go on such audition program?;; she should instead go to a big company. To be honest, with her face and skills, she can f*cking debut in a big company
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Burying her is such a waste… god-baby
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…? Because of Kim Riwon and Kim Sunyoo’s image, she was buried so I didn’t see her but she’s pretty…. It would be good if they put her instead of Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam even though she’s from another company
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I seriously would’ve never thought that she was a 07-liner
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She’s a 07-liner and her height is also 170. If you hear her high note in Decalcomania, you’ll see that she sings well too. Seriously, it’s such a waste for her to be in Class:y

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