Their daughter debuted through hardships but turns out, she was a thug at school, made all sorts of s*x jokes and is receiving hate from the whole country. I wonder how embarrassed and ashamed they are. This was all Kim Garam’s karma so if she wants to shamelessly promote like this, she’ll surely be receiving hate in the future too but sigh.. she has a long way to go. If I were her parents, I would seriously be so ashamed that I wouldn’t be able to go around with my head held high. But what’s worse is that even when her parents know that their daughter is a thug, they are still making her debut… damn impressive. Seeing Kim Garam getting hate right now doesn’t make me pity her one bit. I hope she takes responsibility for her actions. And her responsibility is to withdraw. Why is she messing up with other people’s lives?

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1. [+657, -6]
Like parents like kid ㅋㅋ
2. [+503, -4]
But if you see it the other way, like parents like kids so her parents must’ve taught her these ways for her to grow up like that
3. [+436, -4]
bet her parents are the same
4. [+122, -1]
I bet that her parents are no different than that assailant b*tch. I bet that they are busy babying their kidㅋㅋ
5. [+107, 0]
Do you think that her parents didn’t know? It would make no sense that her parents aren’t aware if she was forced to transfer schools
“I seriously couldn’t say anything from fear of getting sued, I didn’t not post anything because I had nothing to say. All the kids at Kyeongin Middle School know just how much of a clever and dirty kid you are. You were the person who made me hate to and scared of going to school. Thinking about how you’re so happy to debut as an idol now seriously makes me furious to the point of feeling my body boil. You will surely be standing at the top and receive love from people. Back then, a lot of people who wanted to drag you down.”
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1. [+296, -9]

If you’re not gonna believe a post without proof, then why are you shielding a celebrity without proof?;;
2. [+218, -3]
If you are so confident, you should’ve just said it in front of the journalists no?
“Le Sserafim Kim Garam, evades question about school violence “it’s difficult for me to talk (about it)””
3. [+170, -4]
F*ck, Source-yah, cut it down with the secondary assault
4. [+78, 0]
There were a f*ck ton of posts written with proofs though. Stop pretending not to know the facts
5. [+63, -2]
The fact that that comment had proofs or not isn’t important. There are real victims right now and you guys must know best how they feel right? It’s a fact that she was an assailant so what more proofs do you guys need?

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