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Q: My future goal is to be a K-pop idol so I want to work hard for it. Is the job of an idol hard/difficult?

A: Uhm…. I think that being a Japanese idol and a Korean idol are totally different
– I think that being a Korean idol is extremely hard
– For Japanese idols,
– I know because I was one
– It’s very comfortable
– Should I say “comfortable”? How should I say it?
– It’s very free?
– Even though I’m not specialized in performances, I did them
– Of course, people can say this or that about it
– The high power of Korean performances are wonderful right?
– I think that it’s really difficult
– I don’t dance everyday
– I don’t even diet
– I just need to be cute
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1. [+118, 0]
Japan differentiate idols from artists (singers)
2. [+95, 0]
To be honest, the job itself are called “idols” in both countries but they are totally different in terms of work
3. [+82, -1]
Japanese idols are a genre where you need to showcase your growth while Korean idols are already at the end of their growth and are fighting among each other
4. [+28, -1]
Being a Japanese idol just seems like a hobby for girls
5. [+22, 0]
Of course Japanese idols are different from Korean idols….. Korean idols put their everything into their looks and performances while Japanese idols are just…. celebrities that target ahjussis….? They don’t have any talent

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