BTS PROOF promotion schedule

5/9~5/11 Midnight – Tracklist
5/17~5/23 Midnight – Proof of Inspiration
5/28~5/29 Midnight – Concept photo (proof)
5/31~6/2 Midnight – Cocnept photo (door)
6/7 Midnight ???
6/8 Midnight ‘YET TO COME’ MV teaser

6/9 Midnight ‘YET TO COME’ MV teaser (on shorts)
6/10 1PM  ‘YET TO COME’ MV
6/13 ???

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1. They have an MV too? What a relief
2. They’re coming. What is the design? It looks like a gun
3. What’s up with the single cover? it sucks
4. Ah hul.. The most beautiful moment.. So it’s HYYH?? HYYH!!
5. Why is June 7th blank?
6. HYYH is coming
7. F*ck I’m excited
8. Hul 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
9. What’s up with that font legibility? They did that during Festa too, the fans had to re-write everything and make new calendars to read them
10. So I’m not the only one thinking something was wrong with the legibilityㅋㅋ

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