“How long has it been since we’ve seen all the performers crowded in Music Bank’s ending..”

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1. Sigh, can they just keep the nominees only on stage? Because of this, the idols can’t even leave work f*ck
2. Rather than staying there just to appear for a brief moment, I rather them shoot a Vlive during that time
3. This is indoors, is this okay? I don’t think so… They should at least still be wearing masks
4. I hate this so much. I skip all the videos from my bias idols since the idols I hate are also in the same frame
5. Isn’t this the only opportunity for rookies to get screentime? I’ve seen a lot of ending gifs made from endings like that in the past
6. From the fans’ perspective, this is the only moment some rookies will ever get a clear screen time… I like it
7. My bias are rookies and I still remember they got in the frame once thanks to thisㅠ This can be really impactful for their career, it’s an opportunity for rookies
8. Ah I hate this so muchㅋㅋ
9. But if they can get their faces in a frame, it means the can gain a bit more exposure, so it can be a good thing at times too
10. If you’re not the one winning #1, it must be f*cking tiringㅋㅋㅋ The singers could be leaving work in the mean time

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