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When I met him, I used to be 160cm at 65kg, and he’s been consistently telling me that he hates fat people. We’ve been dating for half a year and right now, I’m at 160cm and 45kg… I only eat one meal a day and I only eat half a bowl of rice and exercise 1 hour per day. I live like that without fail every single day of my life. Without him, I could live happily with a normal and healthy body while eating 3 meals a day, but I can’t bring myself to burn the bridge with people so I’m stuck like that
+ It’s the first boyfriend I’ve gotten ever since I was born so I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue living well after breaking up and I don’t even know how to break up.
And my boyfriend keeps telling me as a joke that he’ll kill me if I ever tried to run away from him but I get so scared
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1. Me too I’m chubby but… My boyfriend loves it when I eat and he feeds me even more… Your boyfriend doesn’t even like the way you look… Why are you guys still dating?
2. Why are you letting your self-esteem get taken away like that? Don’t meet people like him
3. It just looks like you’re living your life at the fullest? I don’t think your weight would qualify yourself as a pro-*na and I feel like you only need to change your mindset and it’ll be fine. If you don’t want to break up with your boyfriend, just change your mindset. If you don’t want to do that, I fear you might fall into depression
4. Me too I started dated my boyfriend when I used to be skinny and it’s been 5 years ever since. I gained 10 kg and my boyfriend calls me a pig everyday but he’s just fooling around. You can just ignore and live your life
5. If you don’t want to break up, try eating twice a day and work out more, I don’t think your weight will go up. It’s true that you’re on the slimmer side, but you’re not skinny level. If you eat moderately and work out hard, you can maintain this. If you don’t want your body weight to fluctuate, you need to do it healthily
6. You’re not a pro-*na, just a pushover
7. Why are the comments like that? She’s only eating one meal a day and it’s only half a bowl of rice. And she even works out on top of that. This is considered pro-*na. It’s true that weighting 65kg at 160cm may be considered fat, but it’s also true that consistently saying how much you hate fat people while dating you is considered gaslighting. OP is indeed a pushover for continuing to date such man, but it’s so wrong to tell a pro-*na that they’re ‘living their life to the fullest’. And whether she’s 30kg or 60kg, fasting like that is considered pro-*na. There are even people in the pro-*na community who are 80kg
8. Just break up with him… You feel dizzy, you have your periods only once every 2 months and you’re dating a man who tells you how much he hates fat people all the time.. OP you’re going to ruin your body (t/n: OP probably answered in another comment about her periods/dizziness)
9. Just break up, there are no way you can lose weight healthily
10. If you know it yourself, why aren’t you breaking up with him?

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