“A 20-year-old woman treated as a s*x slave by a classmate… Increased sentence in appeal trial ’27 years in prison'”


Prostituted 2,145 times, embezzled 300 million won, forced to take ice water baths, beaten up, and other behaviors such as disturbing while sleeping
Suwon High Court’s Criminal Division 3 (Presiding Judge Kim Seongsoo) is responsible for such matters as coercion of pr*stitution, exploitation of pr*stitution, violation of the Criminal Profit Concealment Act, etc.
The lower court, which sentenced A (27 y’o, female) to 25 years in prison, was overturned and sentenced to 27 years in prison
The sentence of a woman in her 20s who treated a friend who was a middle school, high school, and college classmate as a sex slave, and killed her after abominable acts, was sentenced to aggravation at the appeals court.
The 3rd Criminal Division of the Suwon High Court (Judge Kim Seongsoo) passed the lower court sentenced to 25 years in prison for A (27, female), who was indicted on charges of heavy confinement and death, coercion of pr*stitution, exploitation of pr*stitution, and violation of the Crime Proceeds Concealment Act. It was announced on the 25th that he was revoked and sentenced to 27 years in prison.
The court also ordered the completion of an 80-hour *exual assault therapy program and a 10-year employment restriction.
From December 2019 to January 2021, A was charged with having her friend B, living near her house in Gwangmyeong city, prostituted her 2,145 times and stealing 300 million won worth of money.
She also installed a Home-cam (t/n: molka through the home camera) in B’s house and monitored it in real time through a location tracking app, forcing her to pr*stitute at a nearby motel an average of 5 to 6 times a day. She was found to have been subjected to harsh acts such as beating and disturbing during sleep.
Person B, who suffered from A’s harsh behavior, died of hypothermia due to cold water bathing in a weakened state.
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1. [+343, -5]
If there was a mistake done on this case, it could’ve been buried easily. The police could’ve ruled it off simply as a death. The prosecutor found that the young woman in her 20s died from hypothermia in her shower and thought that it was way too weird. They went through the victim’s phone and requested a forensic and caught her. It could’ve easily been swiped under the rug.
2. [+227, -1]
What am I reading…. Forced pr*stitution over 2000 times? This is insane
3. [+224, -1]
And you’re not going to reveal her face?
4. [+74, -1]
Even 27 years is too low. We need to bathe her in ice water and give her the death penalty like that
5. [+63, -0]
Seriously you cannot treat school violence lightly. Once you fall into it, it’s so hard to get out of it even if you grow up. That company who took a school violence assailant kid, I hope you reflect
6. [+48, -0]
Wow this is legendary

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