They attended Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Celebration

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1. Omo Jisoo is pretty
2. Wow Rose is wearing those kind of pants but she’s so pretty
3. Wow Jennie is seriously pretty. She’s even prettier because of her hair
4. Daebak, Jennie suits her hair color so much
5. Jennie’s hair looks like her debut hair back then and she looks so pretty… also, her lower face is short so even with the journalist picture’s angle, her looks are still the same. I’m jealous ㅠ
6. Wow daebakㅋㅋㅋ it’s been so long since I’ve seen Blackpink as a full groupㅋㅋ pretty
7. BP are still as cool as ever. I always feel like Jisoo’s hair are a shame. She would look much better with her hair tied up or behind her ear
8. F*cking pretty… how can all 4 of them look like this…
9. What’s up with Rose and Jisoo?.. Too pretty
10. Lisa looks the best in dark hair though…!
11. Ah why is Rose so cool
12. Rose’s hair, makeup and coordi are all pretty
13. Jisoo is definitely the visual member

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