Instagram and Facebook bans accounts from s** offenders.

Either according to his sentence, or you report the account with an article, it’ll get taken down
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1. But they’re only doing it now?
> The final sentence has only been pronounced now..? They were still on trial until now
2. Lee Seunghyun is… SR?
> Yup
3. Lots of idols’ accounts will get taken down starting from now
4. I need all the s**ual offenders’ accounts taken down
5. They took it down today..??? He didn’t go private himself??
6. Congrats congrats
7. Pfffff
8. Farewell
9. Not only on IG, but I need all s** offenders’ life taken down
10. Wow he was still going around shamelessly with his IG account…? He has only received only 1 year and 6 months of jail, while he committed 9 offenses in which he got charged for all of them

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