I think it’s a witness picture from the Seoul Jazz Festival this time and seems like she’s still hanging out with Lee Naeun tsk tsk. Only Hyunjoo who’s the victim is pitiful…ㅋㅋㅋ Since she’s hanging out with Lee Naeun, I bet that nobody is calling her either… Flop idols, play well among yourselves~~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“I saw Naeunie and Doyeon, interesting”

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1. [+203, -21]
Why are people welcoming Kim Doyeon…? She also got into a controversy for laughing at a PD (T/N: apparently she called a staff “빡빡이” which is used for people who are balding/bald). They are just birds of a feather
2. [+183, -72]
Reminds me of how IU also hung out with Jiyeon and Sulli and got so much hateㅋㅋ Stop giving her attention
3. [+162, -37]
She’s still hanging out with Lee Naeun? Hul…
4. [+90, -57]
Seeing the AOA’s situation, seems like you b*tches haven’t learned anything…
5. [+86, -8]
It’s not like she was bragging about her friendship in her official account so should she receive hate for a picture that was taken when she was on a private schedule? It’s not like Kim Doyeon was involved in their scandal and she never mentioned their scandal. It’s weird how she’s getting hate just for being friends with her
6. [+76, -51]
That Hyunjoo kid is also f*cking weird

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