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1. This is the concept they’re giving to a top idol? It feels like they are not spending any money at allㅠ
2. Seokjin-ahㅠㅠ You’re too pretty
3. They’re still so young, but they feel like idols who’ve been promoting for 15 yearsㅎ
4. This isn’t even aligned with the concept
5. I feel like they could’ve shot these better. Looks like the company is investing their money more than they’re using it
6. Look at the people hating againㅎㅎㅎ
And they’re excited to hate on top of it
You guys, try to live your lives coolly instead
And don’t open your mouth regarding BTS’ concept
7. Wow that’s not even the concept for a ‘concept photo’….
8. Should’ve stood someone with better proportions in the middle
9. Jimin…..
10. Kim Seokjin is too pretty

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