Jeon Soyeon appeared as a guest in the final episode in JTBC’s cultural program called ‘Artist Way’
She was having a deep conversation with Kang Seungyoon on their way to the grocery store
She talked about how she thought her group would fail if one member withdrew from it and said “Winner was the only ones I trusted”
Related to this, Jun Soyeon “We actually got into a huge incident last year too. At that time, I used to have those thoughts: If a member was to drop out from there, the team will probably fail?” I used to always think like that, so Winner sunbaenim were the only ones that I could trust”.
Kang Seungyoon replied “This promotion turned out so well right? I sympathize so much with what happened with you so I want to honestly congratulate you”.
Jun Soyeon “Me too I’m thankful. Seriously thank you so much”
“Me too, it was a time of instpiration, healing and learning  <3 Thank you Seungyoon sunbae-nim for taking so many cool pictures!!!!”
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1. [+110, -2]
The fact that Kang Seungyoon replied saying that he was cheering on her with a sympathetic heart was so touchingㅠ
2. [+98, -2]
As an Inner Circle, seeing Soyeon say that Winner was the only ones she trusted was so touching. If it wasn’t precedented with Winner, how hard would it have been for her… She was so thankful for Kang-Kim-Song-Lee ..
3. [+83, -3]
I’m so thankful for Soyeon nim’s gratefulness for Winner and I’m proud that Winner can be people to be trusted♡ Seriously the meeting between the captains made me cryㅠㅠ Winner x Idle let’s fly higher!!!
4. [+59, -1]
There are lots of teams who did well despite members dropping out, but Winner and Idle are different. The leaders are able to produce and compose and it’s thanks to this that the teams picked up again. You really need to respect them for this. And both are leaders who got known through survival programs
5. [+54, -0]
A talented group will survive even with members dropping out
6. [+44, -0]
Winner hit super daebak after their member dropped out so she probably feels even stronger about this

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