I know that my crush freaking likes Rose so what is her characteristic?
I’m short, have bangs and a bob cut so how can I become Rose’s Son Misoo (T/N: character in CIIT that copies the main female character)?ㅠㅠㅠ is it impossible???
Will it be a bit better if I grew out my hair.?? But short hair suits me better

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You can never become Rose’s Son Misoo… you would never be able to copy her unique aura. Even with a freaking feminine body and this face, I wonder if it’s possible to be like her
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If his ideal type is Rose, his standards must be low. I bet that even if you look average, as long as your skinny and style yourself well, he’ll like you
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First of all, you need to be f*cking dainty
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But Rose isn’t just simply pretty. She really has that unique aura which makes her even prettier… If she was just freaking pretty, you could copy her by doing surgery but her aura is unmatched
5. [+28, -7]
There are unexpectedly a lot of guys who like Rose
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But liking a celebrity isn’t all about their looks right? It’s possible that your crush started liking her after watching her stage? Maybe she’s not an ideal type that he wants to date but a celebrity that he really respects?? (by the way, my friend likes JYP’s Park Jinyoung but her ideal type isn’t Park Jinyoung) Don’t try to copy Rose’s characteristics but try to appeal to him as you are

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