It’s based on my opinion but also based on what people are saying on Katalk-


1. Strong domestic fandom -> text votes will account for 30% of the final score

2. Their final song is #2 on Spotify -> digital score will account for 20% of the final score
3. They’re predicted to be #1 in terms of Youtube cumulative views. They will be counting likes (we can’t see) and it’s still variable, but they are predicted to be #1 on Youtube
4. However, they have low preliminary rounds scores
=> All taken into account, they are strong with votes + digital + Youtube which will account for 55% of the final score
However, they have 40% based on prelim rounds and they’re currently 4th
1. They’re #2 in terms of prelims. The #1 is Hyolyn but the gap isn’t big. 40% of the scores will be about prelim scores
2. Their domestic fandom is strong -> there’s a chance that their text votes will be high
3. However, they lack in Youtube views (they’re expected to arrive 5th in terms of Youtube views) and they’re #4 on Spotify
=> with the 40% prelim score, they’ll be able to get a high schore, but they have the 20% Spotify score that might make it hard for them to win.
To me, I don’t see them score #1 in any index
However, they have 30% text votes which could sway in their favor maybe?
1. They have an overwhelming #1 on Spotify which accounts for 20% of the final score
They also did well on the first round and they were able to get a good score in this index (reflected on 4 days?).
2. 30% of the final score will go to votes. They have lots of international fans, which is a shame because it begs the question whether their domestic fandom will be able to cover for it
3. Even though their prelim scores is lacking (they’re 5th), They’re doing well on Youtube (3rd) and their Fans Choice points will be able to influence them a lot
=> Even though they lack in prelim scores, they might be able to swipe in every other index?
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1. I thought it’d be Hyolyn …
2. I thought it might be Hyolyn but she’s not there. I’ll go with Viviz! Those 2 have the best stages
3. WJSN’s 3rd round stage was too good
4. LOONA did f*cking well on the first roundㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Ha Jjang-LOONA let’s winㅜㅜ
5. LOONA’s 1st round was such a shameㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠBecause of COVIDㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
6. WJSN’s latest stage was so good that they made me support them from now on, I hope they can show us a good stage this time
7. Jjang-LOONA let’s go!!!!!!!!
8. WJSN let’s win
9. Jjang-VIZ fighting
10. Anyone who watched the program can agree that Hyolyn had good performances, that’s why she had full scores in her prelim stages and is the #1 with the 40K score. I feel like she’ll be able to harvest a lot of benefits through it. The other 60K scores will still have  a huge influence with digital, votes and videos. It can’t be helped. This is a survival

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