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From the LA to Chicago US tour, there was not a single preview picture of him
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1. [+108, -17]
We’re not talking about one or two fansites, but they’ve all decided to not go, so it’s indeed the idols’ fault..
2. [+106, -25]
The Hyunjae fans are sure hilarious. They’re going on a world tour, not having a single fansite going for you is indeed severe meanwhile they’re trying to screw up other members. It’s not like the other members’ fansites didn’t go there either, honestly all of Kevin and Jacob’s fansites were there tooㅜㅜ
3. [+96, -24]
It’s impressive in itself that he barely had anyone attending
4. [+72, -16]
He should treat his fangirls better instead of hating on them if he doesn’t want groups of fans pulling out like that tsk tsk
5. [+71, -18]
Hyunjae seriously barely had any fansite going, there were actually barely any Hyunjae fans on tour so there were not even phone taken pictures. It was just too comparable to other membersㅜㅜ
6. [+69, -10]
No but I’m shocked that he had even less fansites than the unpopular members;;;
7. [+60, -27]
It’s obvious if your visuals are getting an adverse change + you hate your fans + you suck at your job

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