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Which one is worse?
Bad proportions – vote up
Small hands – vote down (T/N: knets also call small hands “단풍손/maple leaf hands” – hands that are small with short fingers like the picture above)
For me, I saw a man with ok proportions but then I saw his hands and they were not only small, but his fingers were also short and chubby like a maple leaf hand and it was a bit meh.
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1. [+191, -5]
But if their proportions are short and chubby, chances are that they also have maple leaf handsㅋ
2. [+128, -6]
You can’t win over proportions. I saw a man with a f*cking long waist and he looked like a Dachshund
3. [+120, -1]
When I see maple leaf hands, I don’t see them as men anymore ㅠㅠ
4. [+53, -2]
He’s the top when it comes to maple leaf hands
5. [+47, -4]

To be honest, when I see maple leaf hands, I could accept it as being cute and small but for bad proportions, if they are 180 cm tall but have short legs, it still is freaking so-so.

6. [+44, -4]
Jimin is the standard for maple leaf hands

7. [+40, 0]

To be honest, I freaking hate both
8. [+36, 0]
My ex boyfriend had maple leaf hands but I started to like his hands and found them cute. But for proportions, it’s impossible to cover them up no matter what

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