JYP, is this the best you can do…..?

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1. [+139, 0]
Isn’t it because of her makeup? Why are they putting her blush like that all the time?
2. [+109, -2]
Bleached hair is fine on Nayeon since her skin is pale but what’s up with those round blushes?..
3. [+61, -4]
Nayeon’s tone really doesn’t suit bleached hair.. She looks the best in dark warm colors
4. [+33, -1]
Her hair looks pretty though? If you look through the camera, she must be f*cking gorgeous and pretty

5. [+31, -1]
I think the issue is her blush

6. [+25, 0]
I thought that it suited her when I saw this but why’s her makeup in OP’s post like that?
7. [+23, -4]
I kinda feel like… all of Twice were pretty back in the days but this time, they look a bit meh
8. [+19, 0]
She’s f*cking pretty here though. Isn’t her hair and makeup the only issues??

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