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1. I don’t even know a single boy group in the 4th generation…
2. There are none
3. I don’t know
4. There’s not one that comes to mind
5. None…
6. No but in the first place, I have no idea who are in the 4th generation..
7. Me too I love the 4th generation boy groups, but there is no one with a big hit…
8. I was actually thinking who there might be, but there’s not a single song that comes to mind… Even if I could think of one, I bet I’ll get dragged for mentioning it
9. None of the 4th generation boy group have public recognition, why bother asking for a popular song? They’re only good on Youtube and with physical sales… I’m speaking as a 4th gen boy group’s fan
10. I only know Darari and Polaroid Love from Tik Tok but even these songs are not popular with the general public
11. For the 4th gen, I can think of maybe Enhypen and Treasure…?
12. None
13. Shouldn’t it be Polaroid Love? (I’m not  fan)
14. Maybe TXT? They’re the ones who are doing the best digitally in the 4th generation
15. CROWN?

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