She donated 10 million won anonymously to an abandoned animal shelter

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1. [+43, -5]
While PANN is busy writing personal attacks against her, she’s minding her own donationsㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Seriously if you look at it like that, do you think Pann girls have any right swearing at Giselle?
2. [+39, -3]
Don’t forget she donated >anonymously<
3. [+25, -13]
10M wonㄷㄷ She’s too cool
4. [+18, -15]
It’s random, but I bet SM have to give their agreement for donations like that too.. Nowadays, Aespa’s image haven’t been good so I wonder if they’re trying to set them up like that…
5. [+12 -1]
No but Giselle really seems to have a good personality. If you watched her in videos, anyone can tell she’s kind..ㅠ I’m not a fan but I’m a pacifist who loves all female idols. I always feel sorry whenever they get hated on on Pann

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