All the teams worked hard and suffered

But we believe that the final score needs to be fair
We would like the producers to clarify our multiple doubts
1. Reveal the digital streaming clearly
2. Why did you change the Youtube points right before the finale
3. Reveal the live voting counts
4. Reveal clearly the scoring criteria
5. Reveal what are the overlapping streaming criteria clearly (reveal the Spotify points)
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1. [+165, -11]
I knew from the beginning right from when they were trying to create an epic with WJSN’s narrative. Mnet and Starship’s relationship sure is good
2. [+130, -5]

“Mnet’s PD went to jail because of the rigging controversy but they still haven’t woken up? Viviz being #3 in digital streams is nonesense… Please reveal it transparently. And cut it down on the rigging”

3. [+115, -3]
Everyone worked hard, but you need to reveal the final results PD nim

4. [+66 ,-0]

Even if all eyes were on Viviz’s streaming and they tried to neglect it, they still had 2x more streams than LOONA and WJSN but they only had a 30 points difference? Meanwhile, they had hundreds of points difference with other teams?
5. [+63, -2]
Noㅋㅋ This is just wrong. Viviz couldn’t get their #1 but what’s up with LOONA? They’re the victims too. Honestly, Viviz are the victims too. They need to clarify the digital results. What do they think the fans are?
6. [+61, -3]
LOONA would’ve been #1, Viviz #2 what WJSN?

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