On this day, Kim Donghyuk recalled the announcement of Bobby’s marriage and said, “Bobby cried and talked about marriage to each member. I know Bobby’s personality, so I understand that he felt like ‘I will take responsibility for someone’s life. This thing happened. I’m afraid. It’s frightening.”
Koo Junhoe also said, “After marriage, Bobby seems to have a different perspective. It seems that he cares more about his family than what he wants to do.”
Bobby said, “I felt sorry for the iKON members at the time when we decided to get married. It’s a blessing, but being idol is an act of becoming a team so I said to each person, ‘This has happened, and I’m going to apologize.’ All the members understood and blessed me. I was grateful for that.”
He continued, “At the time, I first informed my parents and the company. After I explained everything like that, I realized that my life was funny. It was a spectacle. I thought I was even violating the speed limit. Also, there was so much things to do that I couldn’t even feel my emotions.”
Bobby also added, “Idols should be role models, but premarital pregnancy is not a model thing to do so.. I felt sorry for the fans.”

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1. I feel like Bobby wasn’t suit for the idol life since the beginning… But being a father after a premarital pregnancy seem to suit him even less. I feel like he would’ve been much happier if he was a rapper and lived a carefree life. The iKON members too… to be honest, the fans must be depressed looking at them… I don’t know what they wanted to get from appearing on that show… fans, find strength
2. I’m gonna speak from a human perspective and it’s not like he purposely got her pregnant before marriage. It was a sudden news and he’s taking responsibilities for it (I know that it’s the obvious thing to do but a lot of celebrities recently don’t do this obvious thing), so I rather find him likable. However, a an idol, it’s impossible that this incident didn’t affect the group and the fans so I understand the fans’ feelings.
3. I saw this broadcast and I really feel like he would’ve lived the best life if he never became an idolㅇㅇ
4. The group would’ve survived if he just withdrew. This is sad
5. What did they want to get out of this show? Are they not thinking about the fans?
6. We didn’t even ask you to be exemplary… just to be normal…
7. If he wanted to get married early and have premarital pregnancy, then he shouldn’t have become an idol. Does he think that receiving love and earning money is easy? He’s a nuisance to the fans and to the group. If he’s an idol, then he should be careful. If he was just a normal worker, who would even say a thing?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the fans are the only pitiful ones here..
8. There’s a bast*rd like him in the group I’m stanning too and they should at least shut up and just be thankfulㅋㅋ
9. I’m not a fan so I don’t have any opinion about Bobby’s premarital pregnancy but watching today’s broadcast made me realize that Bobby was truly unfit for the idol life.
10. Ugh if I were your fan, I would want to shut your mouth

“I suddenly got reminded of this!”

“The contents that were supposed to be shown to the public, even if we came out with an album, we couldn’t go (on these show)”

“On broadcast?”

“iKON who couldn’t appear on broadcasts made for the fans to watch”

“For 3 years!”

“They couldn’t appear on broadcast as if it was everybody’s fault…”

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1. ㅋㅋ
2. They are begging for sympathy
3. Then should’ve just withdrew
4. It’s my first time seeing idols who were this shamelessㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
5. I hope that my idols never appear on that program ㅜㅜ it seriously ruined them
6. Seems like B.I produced a lot for them
7. Aren’t their company YG? No but then, it’s deserved…
8. It’s because they are boring. Nobody would invite them anyways. Aside from Bobby, I don’t know who any of them are
9. Hul B.I withdrew because of drugs and Bobby is a dad???????????? Huh?????????
10. Isn’t it obvious?
11. Not buying from YG~
12. Ah so they are the group with B.I and Bobby. To be honest, I don’t know anyone else aside from these two..!

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