(T/N: for background, 21 dancers have moved forward to the viewers’ evaluation round of Be Ambitious. Out of these 21 people, 8 will be chosen as members of the project dance crew ‘Ambitious Crew’ for Street Man Fighter. The final counting day for the views and likes on the participants’ videos was June 3rd.)
Public evaluation 40% (view count + likes x100) + judge evaluation 60%. They picked 8 people!
Cha Hyunseung and Brother Ping(?) were in the top 8 with their view count but their likes were low so their ranking went down.

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1. (OP) Public evaluation 40% (view count + likes x100) + judge evaluation 60%. They picked 8 people! 👉These are not the final lineup, the public’s vote only accounts for 40%!!👈
2. Wow Roh Taehyun is crazy
3. Wow Roh Taehyun’s likes are a wall
4. Hul Kino is 8th ㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠ please, let’s make it into SMF🔥🔥
5. Hul Kino just made it into the top 8, please stick to it
6. If this is the final lineup, they will be one hell of a team (in a good way)
7. The counting has stopped now so I feel like this data is legit
8. I like this combination?? I hope that they make it
9. But I kinda feel like Jungwoo-gun will throw off the balance if he makes it
>> Me too, I like Jungwoo but he’s too lacking ㅠㅠ
10. I hope that Hoya makes it
11. Trendy Rock, please make it ㅠ
> Trendy Rock.. is the best ㅠ
12. Wow but how do foreigners know about this? You can’t even see the likes on YouTube right now
> I have no idea but I’m also curious..
13. The combination is fine. Please Kino, make it in ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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