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I’m too bored so I’m watching music shows on Youtube
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1. Honestly, if we talk about intros, it has to be BlockB’s Very Good
2. Blood, Sweat & Tears and Lion Heart
3. Shinee’s Back
4. I think of Stray Kids’ God’s Menu
5. “From the start, no one would’ve predicted this amazing style~” NCT Dream We Go Up…
6. For me… Gfriend’s NAVILLERA, from the intro alone, my heart is pounding
7. TXT’s 943 and 0x1=LOVE…
8. Energetic
9. SNSD’s Lion Heart with Taeyeon
10. Infinite’s Chaser
11. Astro’s Crazy Sexy Cool?’
12. Ring Ding Dong’s Baby~
13. EXO’s Growl…ㅋㅋ
14. NCT Dream’s First and Last Love “Oh maybe maybe~”
15. EXO’s Monster

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