It’s that Korean man and black woman couple that blew up thanks to their rap video…Isn’t this crazy??..

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Even for their first encounter, they said they met by accident in the subway and the man said it was love at first sight. But it was revealed that they met through Tinder and they were embarrassed of meeting through an app so they made up the fact that they met up by accident. They also said that everything they filmed recently were faked
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Wait a minute, I used to watch those 2 so often and they looked totally sweet…?
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They even have 2 kids. Those 2 always make those s*xual 39+ jokes and even shoot molka pranks but they were all faked. All things aside, I never watched them because I knew their videos were faked
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The man isn’t normal either. The moment he returned to Korea, he made himself a new Tinder account and went to meet girls at Hongdae’s club and was even caught kissing a white girl. After that, people kept witnessing him in clubs every day
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He claims that he was too scared of his wife so he left his kids and escaped to Korea alone? The kids’ father opens Tinder as soon as he comes to Korea and tries to find a new partner by going to clubs and kissing other girls. Isn’t this a bit weirdㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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If you read this, you won’t be able to know what the truth is… we can’t judge this prematurely
“Yesterday, when I watched Cerose’s Live, she spoke about her position regarding what Gohan revealed, but Cerose’s position and Gohan’s position are completely opposite. After the divorce papers were filed, the U.S. court was in favor of Cerose because she had custody of the children. I was shocked when I watched the video of Gohan exposing everything, but after seeing Cerose’s side, as expected, I decided to remain neutral and wait. Moreover, Gohan said himself that he acknowledges he cheated.
+ Cerose’s position: Gohan was self-harming and he even did it in front of his children, so she called the police several times and she has evidence.
When the police was called, they went to court and Cerose was able to gain custody of the kids while Gohan was unable to see them until they became adults.
It was Cerose herself who filed for divorce.
The leaked recording was done by Gohan, and he said that he would return to the United States if he recorded it and sent it(?).
Cerose said that she did not want to raise a child without a father because of her own family upbringing.
I’ve written the rest of the summary of her live below. People are asking why keep neutrality? Before the US court finds a final verdict, I think we should obviously stay this way and we should just wait for someone to release another statement.”

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