‘ Average guy – f*cking handsome – average guy – average guy’

I seriously got shocked when I saw this, I always thought Park Seojoon was on the handsomer side but the person with the strong features has an overwhelming win
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1. [+336, -8]
But Kim Minhee used to date Lee Soohyuk…What happened
2. [+293, -26]
But even without Lee Soohyuk, not all of them are originally considered handsome. It’s all thanks to their image and acting skills
3. [+244, -12]
Nop nop. It’s not all thanks to strong features, it’s just that Lee Soohyuk is f*cking handsome
4. [+129, -7]
Men especially like Park Seojoon, it’s because he looks like the most relatable one to menㅋㅋ even though it’s not entirely true
5. [+117, -4]
But even if you look at them individually, only Lee Soohyuk is irrefutably handsome, he’s daebak ㄷㄷ
6. [+79, -3]
Lee Soohyuk’s physique aside, he’s not even losing to Park Bogum and Park Seojoon with how handsome he is

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