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1. This is it

2. Up until now, all their releases were just ok (personally) but I’m actually looking forward to this one

3. This one is it
4. Yeji is freaking pretty. The other members are freaking awesome too. It seems like it’s my first time seeing a concept like this and they fit it like a glove. They are all freaking pretty except for Lia
5. Wow Yeji is seriously pretty. I was shocked
6. Ryujin is freaking pretty
7. Yuna-ah, you’ve always had the best looks of all time but this time, you seriously killed it
8. Please pick a good song this time…
9. Finally, Yeji has escaped from her experimental hair phase
10. Yuna is crazy..?
11. This is it!!!!! Seems like they switched their hair salon. Nowadays, they are really pretty

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