Because they’re resentful about losing their talents to Korea, they made them

The Japanese boy group Be:First
“As a Japanese group that can definitely compete against KPOP, they are going in a very good direction.”
“They seem to be the only male idols in the world who have improved in singing and dancing skills like this!/I don’t know about that”

“To say that there are nobody else with their skills in this world is nonsense, you’re just throwing yourself a self-congratulation party”

“They have indeed succeeded only in Japan so far, there are no reactions about them in the world yet”
“Let me introduce you the interview that this person named “SKY-HI” gave to Japanese media recently”
SKY-HI (t/n: Japanese artist/producer who launched Be:First): Japan is a rare country where security is good and children can learn things late at night.
That’s why there are dance studios all over Japan, and the level of children attending them is also high.
In times like these, I realize that Japan is faster and more talented than Western or Korean.
“But there are cases where Japanese people from their teens slip in Korea and become world star KPOP idols, but in such cases, it takes a lot of guts and there are only a limited number of people whose parents would understand and cooperate with [their dreams].”
“Thinking about the current path of the Japanese music industry, he said, “There must be countless Japanese children who cannot become world stars even though they are active as KPOP idols despite having the same level of talent as Koreans…” showing his desperate feelings”
“You would never know how many potential G-dragons Japan’s entertainment system could’ve produced an killed until now.”
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1. They’re all ugly
2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋSo funny, but fighting I guessㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. They can’t even speak English… And their visuals, dance are all severe. Even if they were given to us, we wouldn’t take them
4. They could’ve at least picked more handsome people
5. They f*cking tried to copy Seventeen
6. Ah…Okay…
7. Tell me they purposefully went for the visuals with the most unique features right???? Right???
8. Can’t they just focus on what they do best and push JRock instead..
9. No but I’m against bashing visuals butㅜㅜ
They don’t even have the basics ㅜㅜ
Are there no handsome kids in Japan? I’m seriously curious
10. I can’t understand why they feel like it’s unfair that Korea is doing better. Just focus on what you guys do best. And stop pulling our hair for nothing

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