Kim Chaewon
Huh Yunjin
Hong Eunchae
Full group
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1. Huh Yunjin is freaking pretty, as expected
2. Huh Yunjin is f***cking pretty
3. This photoshoot weirdly looks like a shame
4. Maybe because all of them are still awkward because they are rookies?
5. Dispatch sucks at taking pictures. But they are indeed pretty
6. Yunjin is seriously f*cking pretty
7. I feel like they should’ve taken more pictures…
8. Wow Huh Yunjin is freaking pretty
9. Eunchae is seriously a baby
10. Huh Yunjin and Kazuha survived. Sakura and Kim Chaewon debuted before but their poses and expressions were all so-so
11. Huh Yunjin and Kazuha have it all from faces to physical
12. These kids are all pretty but Huh Yunjin is way prettier now compared to her Produce days
13. Huh Yunjin is crazy…

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