I bet she saw her hate posts

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Jo Yuri are you seeing this? Your songs are so good
2. [+144, -7]
She even has Instiz and DC Gallery, she must visit those a lot..
3. [+116, -7]
I thought it was edited, but I saw the comments and turns out it’s real… I hope she didn’t see the posts that could hurt her. DC has so many s*xual harrassment postsㅠ
4. [+43, -2]
I’ve graduated from highschool 10 years ago and I can’t believe that Nate Pann’s popularity still hasn’t cooled down.. However, I don’t understand why kids nowadays visit Pann as if it’s something to be secretive about? When I used to be in my first year of high school, Nate Pann was so popular that whether it was on break time or class time, everyone was always talking and gossiping about the posts that were uploaded on Pann
5. [+35, -1]
Yuri-yah, just look at positive things
6. [+25, -15]
Isn’t this the proof that she has a strong mentality?ㄷㄷ I bet she chuckles and thinks we’re pathetic whenever she sees hate posts, since she’s thriving in life
7. [+18, -2]
Aren’t all celebrities reading Pann? It’s impossible to not grow interested in it. If you swapped positions, would you not read your own hate posts if you saw one posted? I bet even if it was rumors, you’d at least read it to see how you can handle it

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