‘im someone who really cherishes and love the other party. I never act stingy when spending money, I give out gift cards a lot (T/N: in Korea, it’s pretty common to send gift cards/coupons to your friends through your phone) and take care of others a lot. But when the other party doesn’t reciprocate…. Of course, it’s not like I’m demanding anything in return so getting sad and upset over this isn’t right but maybe because I’m still young, I don’t view our relationships as two-sided but as a giver-taker kind of relationship. When the other party doesn’t give me as much as I give out, I get a reality check and get upset..

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There was this friend of mine who was re-taking her entrance exam and I thought that she was feeling lonely and was going through a hard time, so every time she had a mock exam, I would send her gift cards and when she went to cram school, I would invite her to go eat. Even when she rewrote her exam, I gave her gift cards. But then, once she got into the university, she never contacted me againㅋㅋㅋ seriously, I got such a big reality check
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This kind of relationship gets tiring fast so it doesn’t last long.. It feels like a relationship that only I’m invested in??? It’s a f*cking stressful kind of relationship
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You can’t maintain this kind of relationship. It’s hell. As soon as you guys start becoming apart, they’re gonna become like a ghost and never contact you againㅋㅋ
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Even without the money or materialistic gifts, just the fact that someone else doesn’t feel as much about the relationship as you is enough to give you a lot of hurt…
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It’s not always the case, but I like it when I make it obvious to my friends or someone from the opposite gender that I like them and when I’m genuinely expressing my feelings. Even if later on, that person doesn’t like me back, at least for that moment, I was honest with my feelings. So even if I’m a bit sad if that happens, I don’t get depressed over it. I just think “I liked them but we weren’t fated” and coolly let it pass. It’s more peaceful like that. I might look like a fool but whatever
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Agreeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I also would give my friends luxury gifts or makeup for their birthdays but they didn’t give me anything back..ㅋ but what can we do?

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