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I saw the main post and thought “is it better to be an adult because you can eat a lot of pancakes?”
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I realized that society was so generous towards minors. For example, the responses to a 3rd year high schooler having a hard time because of the entrance exam is so different than a test retaker having a hard time with the entrance exam. But still, as a 1st time retaker, the responses are better than a 3rd or 4th time retaker. The more times you retry, the more personal attacks you get. And if you’re an adult civil servant taking a test, it’s better not to read comments on the internet… But the age gap of the people I mentioned, the 3rd year high schooler and the nth test retaker, is rather small even though it seems big.
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Even if you tell your friends, “I’m not going to join in today,” you won’t be bullied, so express yourself clearly. If you end up being bullied, they’re the bad ones
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The privilege of an adult in their early 20’s is that you don’t have to hang out with a friends who don’t match well with you anymoreㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: because they don’t need to go to school anymore)
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Unless you can drink 3-4 bottles, you shouldn’t be fooling around with alcohol. A drunk man or woman becomes the target of others and it’s even harder to recover from a mistake you made while being drunk
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The thing I felt after becoming an adult (30 y.o): Ah, there’s still nothing different from me and the kids

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